Feng Gong, Ph.D., enjoys the interactive aspects of teaching M.D. and M.D./MPH students and training residents.

Miller School Professors Recognized for Promoting Positive Learning Environment in PULSE 360 Survey

In all, 33 Miller School professors received high scores for promoting a positive learning environment in the first PULSE 360 Survey for Faculty-Learner Engagement. The survey was performed by the Physicians Development Program Inc., an independent organization, to allow comparison to national data and to assure anonymous feedback to individual faculty members.

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Knee joint showing torn meniscus. Illustration credit: Mayo Clinic.

A New Remedy for a Common Injury: Curing Meniscus Tears with Bioengineering

A team of scientists from the Miller School of Medicine and College of Engineering are poised to begin developing a novel, long-lasting treatment for meniscus tear repair in injured knees. The Miller School investigators participating in the research project are Thomas Best, M.D., Ph.D., professor of orthopaedics and biomedical engineering, and Michael Baraga, M.D., associate professor of clinical orthopaedics.

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In an upcoming phase two human study, researchers will use nine outcome fields — cognitive, behavioral, psychosocial, sleep, pain, sensorimotor, cardiovascular, inflammatory biomarkers, and neuroimaging studies — to evaluate the drug’s efficacy.

‘Concussion Pill’ Shows Promise in Pre-Clinical Pilot Study

Researchers at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine and The Miami Project to Cure Paralysis, along with their partners at Scythian Biosciences, are one step closer to finding a new treatment for concussion. In 2016, the multidisciplinary Miller School team embarked on a five-year study to examine the effects of combining CBD with an NMDA antagonist for the treatment of traumatic brain injury and concussion.

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 From left, Sheila A. Conway, M.D., Cynthia Emory, M.D., and Kristy Weber, M.D.

Breaking Into Orthopaedics a Challenge for Female Surgeons

Women are better represented in the ranks of medicine than ever before. One need only look at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine’s current first-year students — the Class of 2021 — in which a full 58 percent of the class is female. But while the number of women in medicine continues to grow, one specialty in particular — orthopaedic surgery — continues to lag far behind all others in gender equality.

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Award winners with Faculty Council and Miller School leadership.

Miller School Faculty Council’s Inaugural Award Program Honors Teaching and Research Excellence

The Faculty Council of the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine held its first-ever awards program during its final meeting of the academic year on May 22. The atmosphere was just right for something new, with faculty members chatting amiably beside a well-stocked supper buffet, and live jazz adding a musical dimension to the event.

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