News : 2016 : August

Carolyn Kienstra, M.D., with Olympics souvenirs.

UHealth Sports Medicine Doctor Fulfills Lifelong Gymnastics Dream

Carolyn Kienstra, M.D., a pediatric sports medicine physician at UHealth Sports Medicine, is living a dream. “Olympic gymnastics is the reason I fell in love with sports,” said Kienstra. “I have become a fan of and participant in many other sports over the years, but gymnastics has always been my first love.”

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Sheila Conway, M.D., makes a splash.

UHealth Physicians Ready to Dive into Action in Rio

With the 2016 Olympics upon us, about 20 UHealth physicians are wrapping up cases and packing for an extended stay in Rio de Janeiro. One of them, Sheila Conway, M.D., an orthopedic surgeon at UHealth, is coming full circle with her time at the Olympics. She will be returning to the pool, but this time as an attending physician rather than a swim competitor.

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